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As RPN we are capable of making,

-      Turning

o    DMG Mori Seiki CTX310 (CNC Turning Machine)

o    Goodway GLS-260 (CNC Turning Machine)

o    Hitachi Seiki (CNC Turning Machine)        

-      Drilling

o    Mori Seiki NMV 5000 DCG (CNC 5 Axis Vertical Machining Center)

o    Taksan TMC1000 (CNC 3 Axis Vertical Machining Center)

-      Broaching

-      Gear Hobbing

o    Liebherr LC80 (CNC Gear Hobbing Machine)

o    Mikron Cima C160 (CNC Gear Hobbing Machine)

o    WMW ZFTK250/5 (Gear Hobbing Machine)

-      Gear Shaping

o    Liebherr WS1(Gear Shaping Machine)

o    Lorenz SN40 (Gear Shaping Machine)

o    Maag SH-400 (Gear Shaping Machine)

-      Gear Grinding

o    Reishauer RZ362A (CNC Gear Grinding Machine)

o    Reishauer RZ300E (Gear Grinding Machine)

-      Cylindrical Grinding

o    Studer S40 (CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine)

-      Friction Welding

o    Kuka RS12 (Friction Welding Machine)

-      Hard Turning

-      Molybdenum Coating (both for steel and brass)

o    GTV 12E (Molybdenum Coating Machine)


And also, we have the following machines in our lab for quality control steps,

- Klingelnberg PNC33 Gear Measuring Machine,

- Mitutoyo Crysta Apex 7106 3D Measuring Machine,

- Mitutoyo LH600 2D Measuring Machine,

- MVHT1000 Hardness Testing Equipment (Vickers)

- Accretech PH50 Surface Roughness Control Machine

- Mitutoyo Measurlink Complete SPC System